Why Silver over Gold?

Some people have it easy. Some people have it ‘fall in their laps’, are born with a silver spoon or have a large life cushion to fall back on. If you fit into that bracket then this blog is not for you.  If  however, you have felt as if no matter what you achieve or how hard you work; you will never get that ‘Gold prize’. Then I hope my advice and motivation will bring positivity, relief and perhaps laughter.


The definition of a ‘Gold prize’ is subjective. It could be your dream job, ideal parter, ultimate body or any other goals you set your mind to. For me, it was 2/3 of those things Job and Partner. Here is a prime example, I recently graduated University with a 2:1 BSC (with honours). Is that an amazing achievement ? Yes, Do I wish I had done better; Absolutely. Leading up to graduation, I was positive that I would have my dream job by the time I graduated. I started applying months in advance, perfecting my CV and researching jobs. Friends around me were offered their dream Grad roles by January. Graduation came around…I had no Grad job. Yes I got interviews but not successful ones…..so is this the part where I say “and then I got a call, and now I am in the dream role”. I wish! I do thank God however that I am in a job yet it is far from where I thought I would be at this stage. I am still going through this journey but two things I have learnt so far. 1. Uncomfortability breeds determination and 2. Patience is necessary and Gods timing is everything.  Being in a job which quite frankly I currently despise, has given me more drive than if I got my dream job straight away. It provided me with the determination to go for exactly what I want. Now more than ever I am applying for jobs that I know I will love and signing up to opportunities that ill increase my skills e.g. learning a new language. This is an ongoing journey, but I am learning that God puts you in situations for a reason and does not give you more than you can handle. I hope that by sharing my experiences and advice, you can appreciate the opportunity to grow and be a better person when you receive Silver over Gold. To Be continued……..

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