Protecting your energy

So many of us suffer with anxiety and/or depression caused by various levels of stress. The work place is where we spend most of our time, and so our jobs are a crucial part of our happiness. However if we do not want to repeat a cycle of pushing down our happiness for the sake of a pay check, we must protect your energy.

What does protecting your energy mean?

Simply, not letting anyone or anything effect your metal state in a negative way.

If that means changing jobs, then take that leap of faith. If it means changing your circle of those around you then so be it. You can not be happy, if day in and day out, you are being chipped away  at, with nothing given in return.

As my last post explained, I was not happy in my job. I was overlooked, told that I had to allow other people to verbally abuse me; shout and scream and have mood swings with no repercussions. I am not someone who cant take being around strong people however I did not see strength in their actions; only weakness. Day after day this was effecting my energy and chipping away at my happiness. On top of this, it was announced that the company was not doing well and would mostly likely cease to exist in a year. I prayed to God begging for him to remove me and place me somewhere I would be happy. Thinking, why had I spent 4 years at uni, only to be in a company at the ‘bottom of the chain’. I tried to make the best of it and give my option to try and turn the company round, but they did not listen. One day, after talking to my family, I decided, regardless of whether I had another job to go to, I would quit this one. I could see that it would only bring me more anxiety and depression. On that day, the day I was ready to walk in and give my letter of resignation, I got another job! MY DREAM JOB. I am currently finishing up where I am to move to the new job in a week. I say this to testify that we should never doubt GOD. We do, very often. However God knows that and does not give up on us. He does not put us through more than we can each bare. Even more, ALL his plans are for our benefit. If we ask God to guide us in our lives then we must be prepared for him to do just that. Guide us, not the other way around. It may not always happen when we want or when we expect; but it certainly happens at the right time. Trust in God. Even if that means taking a leap of faith by removing yourself from those who only suck your energy from you without a second thought.

Protect your energy!

Silver over Gold

2 Replies to “Protecting your energy”

  1. Great Post! Protecting your energy is so important there are too many miserable people around who want to drag you down with them. So you have to constantly protect yourself and your mental health and try not to let things get to you. I find it crazy the way people shout and take out their moods swings on others at work, I’m always confused when I see it. Lastly, God’s timing is always best, so proud of you getting a new Job!

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