Ambitious? Or just difficult?

There are some of us, whether it be because of the way we were brought up or our personalities, who are more ambitious than others. We always think about how we can move forward, do better, get ahead, get to the top. Even when we are in a good position where others may say ‘be grateful you are here’ we think “yes but I wanna get to where you are”. There are no limitations on Gods blessings so there should not be limitations on how far we wish to go. Many people have told me that I am hard working, ambition and a fast learner. However I have also been told that my ambitions are unrealistic, questioned my skills to the tenth degree and dismissed me. In the moment I felt crushed, questioning my own self. However then I realised that these people are afraid, afraid of my ambition and the competition. Sometimes you have to realise the difference between who are for you and those who are against you. Not everyone will share their success stories with you for fear of the competition. Therefore you may have to rely on your own determination.

Learn to recognise the codewords for “you are reaching too high”  for example ‘you are hard to work with’ ‘you don’t follow orders easily’ or ‘what you are asking for is not possible at the moment’. Don’t except these words from those who have already accomplished their goals. In a perfect world those at the top would lend a hand to those who are climbing the ladder. However that is not always the case. Don’t get me wrong….there are people who are difficult and are not easy to work with but those are the ones who end up being CEO. Me personally I knew I was a good worker and so by people saying those things could only mean they were afraid of my ambition. The only way that a goal is unrealistic is if you are not willing to put in the work!!. Don’t let people stop you from getting to the top by labelling you with words which if fact got them to where they were themselves.

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